KIDS FOR KIDS Promoting Education Society is a grassroots organization formed to provide sponsorship for the education of children and farmers living in poor areas of Sub Saharan Africa - empowering them to build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. With significant leadership from Carolyn Spence (a deacon at Christ the Redeemer Church in Pender Harbour) and her sister Rachael, K4K has had several participants from the Sunshine Coast join them on visits to Rwanda and Kenya.

Visit the Kids for Kids website to learn more.

In 2004, Rev. Jonathan Golden first saw an opportunity to cast his vision and launch a ministry that would invest in the lives of one of the poorest nations in the world - Rwanda – a people desperate to heal after a 100 day genocide that left over one million dead. LAND OF A THOUSAND HILLS is a coffee company that is proud to contribute to justice, reconciliation and hope in coffee farming communities throughout the world through Community Trade and partnerships with churches and coffee houses throughout North America. 

Community Trade begins by providing a fair wage to coffee farmers, building relationships with partner villages, building upon their God-given talent and equipping them to be better coffee growers. Land of a Thousand Hills believes forgiveness and reconciliation take root when people seize hope and has played a significant role in the reconciliation process for many farmers in Rwanda and elsewhere.

As individuals and several of our AM Canada churches continue to buy Land of a Thousand Hills coffee we help families provide for themselves, build homes for orphans, care for widows, and give hope to communities in Rwanda, Haiti, and Thailand. 

Learn more about Land of a Thousand Hills here.

Hilary King, Founder of Embrace Rwanda International Society and member of St. Simons Church North Vancouver, returned in March 2015 from her 14th trip to Rwanda. After visiting the Healthy Mums Project in 5 of the 11 Dioceses in Rwanda and seeing how God is blessing and multiplying the work in rural communities, she describes her time there as an amazing blessing.

"Thousands of families are seeing life changing events in their community where the mothers meet weekly to receive training and support that will enable them to deliver a full term, healthy baby and to have hope for a brighter future for their child. The groups of women have formed associations to enable them to start small businesses and give their children a chance to access pre-school education. Vocational training for parents also gives them a variety of skills to find employment and better support their families."

In partnership with groups in the USA and UK it is hoped to expand the work of Embrace Rwanda to further sites in the future.

Find out more about this exciting ministry at:, by watching the My Time to Rise and Mothers of Kigeme videos, or reading this MissionsFest Vancouver article