What Matters Most to Us...

Authentic, vulnerable relationships with God and one another as the foundation for transformation in us and our community. Without that kind of heart transformation, any outward service will come off as phony, religious, and lacking grace. With it, the love of God we’ve found in Jesus can be experienced and shared by others in beautiful, gracious and miraculous ways.

Dave and Megan De Jong - lead church planters - and sons.

Dave and Megan De Jong - lead church planters - and sons.

Sunday Gatherings

10:30 AM – Noon, followed by lunch together
Location: #26 – 444 Bruce Avenue    Nanaimo, BC

Tuesday Missional Community Meetings    

6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: #6 – 444 Bruce Avenue     Nanaimo, BC

What can I expect if I visit?

Visitors to our Sunday Gatherings can expect an opportunity to know God and how His love can be experienced and expressed today with a group of people who care for one another and those Jesus brings across our path.
Our Gatherings are informal yet intentional, interactive and joy-filled, growing in creative expression, and always include a shared meal.

A Story of Our Life Together...

I am always impressed by the conversations held over a meal, a cup of coffee, or during one of our gatherings in which men and women open up about significant things in life and how Jesus met them there … or how they need Jesus to meet them there. We pray. We speak the Good News of Jesus to one another. There’s a “rawness” to our life together that is both risky and attractive, comforting yet edgy. I think many of us find it life-giving, even if it’s at times messy.

Our Distinctives

The opportunity to know and be known by others in community. Our relationships with Jesus and one another are significant, transparent, joy-filled, and often times costly – just like any healthy family relationships would be.       

Churches often become a ‘vortex’ of programs and activities, and in so doing keep people away from the very places the church was meant to bless and bring hope. We prioritize service and relationships outside as much as we do inside of ‘church.’ In that sense ‘church’ isn’t defined solely by our gathering together, but by the service and influence we have in our homes, neighbourhoods and the broader community.

Why are you part of the Anglican Mission in Canada?

We believe ‘family’ best defines Christian leadership – spiritual mothers and fathers raising and releasing others into their God-given potential and calling.

The AM in Canada is that kind of family to us – diverse, multi-ethnic, Christ-centred – with leaders that equip and encourage everyone to minister out of their unique gifts and calling.

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Website address: www.jerichoroadnanaimo.com