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Joining hands to share god’s love across canada

Mission 2019 will be an opportunity for family members from across the Anglican Mission in Canada to come alongside our brothers and sisters at the Urban Abbey as a means of encouraging God’s people and advancing God’s kingdom in Thunder Bay.

A first for the AM in Canada, we hope this trip will be a catalyst for others in the future as theAM grows across our nation, and will be shaped by daily rhythms of prayer and work.

We nurture a contemplative life
where we can be transformed in the “face presence” of Jesus...
— Urban Abbey


Each day we will take part in the fixed hours of prayer of the Urban Abbey - sometimes with the church family, other times on our own.

Song & study

Most evenings will also include a time to worship in song and grow through the reading and teaching of God’s word.

...and we pursue an active life
where that can be reflected to the outside community.
— Urban Abbey


Some of our work will include opportunities to come alongside the Urban Abbey leadership in what they are already doing - be it helping in the kitchen, doing maintenance on the church and Thrive House, or tidying up the surrounding property. By sharing the burden of the day-to-day ministry we hope to encourage those who serve there long-term.


Other service opportunities will be for the purpose of advancing a new ministry opportunity - be it preparations for the new Youth Shelter, completing elements of the children’s indoor play centre, or intercessory prayer and service in the wider community. The scope of this work is still being finalized, but will be both meaningful and impactful.


With the great distances that separate us across Canada and the wide variety of expressions of God’s church and mission found in theAM in Canada, these mission trips provide an opportunity to grow in relationship with God and one another as we participate in what He is doing in the community we serve.




$770.00 which includes:

$385.00 Accommodations (Prince Arthur Hotel - double occupancy)

$125.00 Rental Vehicle for Team Transportation (may be less - if so, money will be refunded to participants at the end of the mission)

$110.00 Meals

$150.00 Mission / Work Supplies

Additional costs include flights (can be arranged by theAM in Canada) and travel insurance (out-of-province travel requires medical insurance).



We have a limit of 10 spaces for Mission 2019. Once you have discussed the possibility of joining the mission with your local leadership and received their endorsement, applications can be made online below.

We will accept a maximum of 4 participants from any one AM in Canada church to enable representations from a cross-section of churches. Additional applicants from one church can be put on a wait list until April 15, 2019, after which any unfilled spots will be filled by those on the wait list.

Name *
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Why would you like to participate in Mission 2019?
This trip requires a willingness to serve in whatever capacity is needed, but also presents an opportunity for you to use the gifts and abilities God has given. What gifts and abilities do you have that could be shared during this mission trip?
Do you have any physical, dietary, or other limitations and concerns that we should be aware of so that we can care well for you?
Anything else you would like to ask us or want us to know?