What Matters Most to Us...

We nurture a contemplative life where we can be transformed in the “face presence” of Jesus and we pursue an active life where that can be reflected to the outside community.

Urban Abbey prepares meals together and welcomes the community in for twice-daily hospitality. We are open 24/7!

Urban Abbey prepares meals together and welcomes the community in for twice-daily hospitality. We are open 24/7!

Sunday Gatherings

10:30 AM – Noon, followed by lunch together

7:00 pm contemplative eucharist service

Location: 308 Red River Rd., thunder bay, on



Six Prayer Services Daily

Liturgy of the Hours  

6am PRIME:  We rise to greet the day. In the Name of Jesus we engage in Lectio Divina and prayer, thereby we commemorate the resurrection of our Lord from the grave, as His night became day!

9am TERCE: We rejoice in the Word of the Lord.  For the sake of Jesus we read Psalms and pray to seek the illumination of the Spirit to discern the direction of our day.

12pm SEXT: We cry out on behalf of the human family.  For the glory of Jesus, we listen to ancient poetry and intercede for humanity - that this tossed and restless sea would find rest in God.

3pm NONES: We intercede for the church of Thunder Bay.  In the fellowship of Jesus we read Psalms and pray for the unity of the Christian family and the needs of our sisters and brothers around the city.

6pm VESPERS: We pour out our hearts for the city of Thunder Bay.  Through the redemption of Jesus, we proclaim the Nicene Creed and pray for the peace and flourishing of all peoples in this great city that God has made.

9pm COMPLINE: We prepare to sleep in the arms of God.  In the peace of Jesus, together, we end our day, singing the Lord's song as exiles in a strange land - praying, confessing our sins and reading the scripture.

Upper Prayer Tower

Upper Prayer Tower

Lower Prayer Tower

Lower Prayer Tower

What can I expect if I visit?

  • An invitation to share a meal
  • A tour of the building
  • An opportunity to join a prayer service
  • A place of peace for contemplation
  • Some construction zones full of activity
  • Sacred Art pieces to enjoy
  • The aroma of fresh baking or cooking
  • Music somewhere in the building
  • A hand offered in friendship
  • A person to sit down with and share a hot drink

A Story of Our Life Together...

Members of our community prayed for over two years that God would provide a space to care for vulnerable women at risk.
THRIVE is an environment God has provided for young women and their infants, who face challenges related to substances use, in Thunder Bay.  It is a living, learning and loving space where they can be embraced, educated, empowered, and established as they journey toward holistic health. 

Our Distinctives

  • At Urban Abbey we believe that the light of the knowledge of the glory of our Triune God is seen in the face of Jesus.
  • The identity of Jesus of Nazareth clearly emerges from three phenomena: his incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection.
  • Urban Abbey chooses to align with Jesus through: Incarnational Mission, Crucifixion-Styled Community and Resurrection Empowered Movement.
                                    Urban Abbey DNA

                                    Urban Abbey DNA

Why are you part of the Anglican Mission in Canada?

A few reasons...
1.The AM Canada has a simple and stated goal, "the re-evangelization of Canada."  Their desire to see the renewal of the Church of Canada, in a time of cataclysmic decline, at the end of Western civilization, offered us comrades in arms. 

2. This missionary movement in Canada allows us the freedom to experiment with fresh expressions of faith.  We listen to the Spirit of God and seek discernment on creating contextually appropriate models.  Urban Abbey is sited in a city that is regional hub to 48 towns and villages; many of whom are in dissipative, systemic failure.  The migration of refugees from these tribal groups, into our neighborhood, directed our attention to the ways of rootedness and journey of the ancient Celts,  In the 5th century, in Ireland, faith communities were created that offered a beautiful vision of Jesus through prayer, work, spiritual awakening, study, hospitality and creative art. These Christian environments were called monasteries or abbeys. The AM Canada has encouraged Urban Abbey as we seek a contemporary expression of ancient Celtic Christianity.

3. The AM Canada embraces the 3 streams of scripture, Spirit and sacrament.  These are commitments we share and passions of our lived experience together.

308 Red River Rd.
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1B1


An evening view of our neighborhood in Thunder Bay and the Sleeping Giant.

An evening view of our neighborhood in Thunder Bay and the Sleeping Giant.