Sunday Gatherings

10:00 am sunday worship

Location: 5100 Tebo Ave, Port Alberni

What can I expect if I visit?

Visitors can expect a warm welcome. There’s lots of space to be yourself and we work hard not to obscure the message of Jesus with religious ritual or language. You can expect to encounter God in worship and His presence may well move you to tears – but they will be healing and refreshing.

A Story of Our Life Together...

Our reality is that we have traveled and survived a long and difficult journey together. As St. Alban’s Church (with over 60 years in the Valley) we were the first Church to choose to reluctantly disaffiliate from the Anglican Church of Canada in 1996. We became Alberni Christian Fellowship for ten years navigating through challenging times with leadership failure and a dwindling vision. God was gracious and extremely kind.

He resurrected us and restored us as Jericho Road 10 years ago, and we are now a vibrant Christian community with our church in an former school of 65,000 square. God said to occupy it as we would the Promised Land. Today we are filled to capacity with a French School, Ballet School, Literacy School, Special Needs facility, and a few other non-profits and businesses as part of our community.

We are a living testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness as He has redeemed and restored what we thought we’d lost forever.



john Cox (pastor)


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Our Distinctives

The core values of Jericho Road are captured in our mission statement - that we will be a loving and hospitable community where we individually and corporately grow to:

  • Become Family
  • Encounter God
  • Impact the World

Why are you part of the Anglican Mission in Canada?

After being ‘independent’ for ten years we wanted to be part of something greater than ourselves offering an umbrella of oversight and accountability. AM in Canada provided ‘just that’ while releasing us to express ourselves with freedom.

5100 Tebo Ave, Port Alberni, V9Y 5Y6
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A view of Mt. Arrowsmith in Port Alberni

A view of Mt. Arrowsmith in Port Alberni