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What Matters Most to Us...

Growing in Jesus through worship, scripture, prayer and fellowship.

Sharing the redeeming love of Jesus with others in a loving, welcoming way.

Serving those in need.

We gather to grow and scatter to serve.

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What can I expect if I visit?

Visitors will experience a loving congregation of accepting people. We strive to bring a true sense of family, God’s love in worship, and lots of joy!

Visitors can expect to be warmly welcomed and invited into our community. 

They can expect to participate in a Spirit-filled Anglican form of worship in a semi-formal setting and following the service we love to share stories over a cup of coffee.

A Story of Our Life Together...

A recent visitor to Sunday worship was warmly welcomed as he admitted to being a thief, addict and alcoholic. He was moved by the love shown him and God’s call to repentance through hearing His word. We recognize that we are all sinners in need of Jesus in our lives. One member immediately bought him a Bible since he didn’t have his own.

The church partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters and is very involved in many ways serving the non-profit organization as well as sharing office space with them. One member, has been a regular ‘go-to’ person for just about anything that needs to be done; doing anything from helping with construction, to being a big brother. At 80 years of age, he was honored as their ‘Volunteer of the Year’.

Our Distinctives

Worship: Sunday worship is steeped in both ancient and contemporary liturgy and music. Four Scriptures are read in every service and the Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday.

Prayer: Our church is based on prayer: weekly prayer meetings, prayer chains, prayer in home groups, prayer during worship, prayer in council meeting and individual prayer.

Home groups: 90% of the members plus guests are involved in weekly home groups that study the Bible together and pray.

Witness: We offer an Alpha course periodically but do not have an assigned evangelism program within the church. Rather, we encourage members to reach out to friends and neighbors to witness to them the light of Christ through relationship.

We also have a Partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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Why are you part of the Anglican Mission in Canada?

AM Canada provides us with fellowship that is based on Scripture and a worldwide Anglican leadership.

2122 Gomerich Rd.
Nanaimo, BC
V9X 1R8
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