Our Anglican Roots

College of consultors

TheAM Canada has roots in the worldwide Anglican Communion and receives and accepts oversight and accountability through a College of Consultors. This College of Consultors serve as guardians and overseers, and are responsible for preserving the vision and direction of the Anglican Mission in accordance with the Constitution.

The inaugural membership of this College of Consultors includes the founding Primates of the Anglican Mission, which was established in 2000 by the Primates of South East Asia (Yong) and Rwanda (Kolini). There are also members who are elected by the College from various provinces of the worldwide Anglican Church. Through the College, and the licenses for ministry they have given to Anglican Mission clergy to serve in Canada, we remain relationally and canonically connected to the Anglican Communion worldwide.

Retired Archbishops Yong (L) and Kolini (R)

Retired Archbishops Yong (L) and Kolini (R)

The Most Rev. Zacharie Masimango Katanda

The Rt. Rev. Sospeter T. Ndenza
The Rt. Rev. William B. Mugenyi

The Rt. Rev. Sospeter T. Ndenza
The Rt. Rev. William B. Mugenyi
The Rt. Rev. Edmund D. Ahmoa
The Rt. Rev. Carl Buffington Jr. The Most Rev. Emmanuel Kolini (retired)

The Most Rev. Moses Tay
The Most Rev. Pingchung Yong                                          The Rt. Rev. Charles H. Murphy III (deceased – 1947-2018)

The Rev. Canon Christopher Caudle
The Rev. Canon James Kennaugh

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The Anglican Mission in Canada is also grateful to be in ministry-centred relationships with these mission partners:

The Rt. Rev. William B Mugenyi
Diocese of Boga
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Aaron Kijanjali
Diocese of Kagera
The Rt. Rev. Fanuel E Magangani
Diocese of N. Malawi
The Rt. Rev. Brighton V Malasa
Dioceses of Upper Shire
The Rt. Rev. Sospeter T Ndenza
Dicoese of Kibondo
The Rt. Rev. Jackton Lugumira
Diocese of Lweru

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd McGregor
Diocese of Toliara
The Rt. Rev. Bahati Balli Busane Sylvestre
Diocese of Bukavu
The Most Rev. Masimango Katanda
Diocese of Kindu
The Rt. Rev. Cyril Kobina Ben-Smith
Diocese of Assante-Mampong
The Rt. Rev. James Min Dein
Diocese of Sittwe


*Banner image at top of page: Members of the College of Consultors and Mission Partners meet with Anglican Mission leaders from India, the USA and Canada in February of 2016.